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Who Am i?

Who Am i?


I have been continuing as a senior penetration tester for two years in the cyber security sector, which I started as a hobby in 2009. I took part in penetration tests of many public and private institutions/organizations. My skills include constantly creating and implementing Red Team scenarios, L7-L4 type DoS-DDoS analysis and Network security.


I prepared documents for myself for the research I did and the situations I encountered during the penetration test & red teaming. I wanted to share these documents with you on a blog.

With this blog, I will provide you with:

  • To provide methods and methodologies that can assist during penetration testing & red teaming.
  • Real life scenarios about logical vulnerabilities.
  • Installation and demos of tools I find useful.

I’m totally open to your constructive comments and criticisms.

contact information

🐦 https://twitter.com/0xhav0c


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